AXTAL introduces new Ultra-Low Noise OCXO series AXIOM35ULN and AXIOM75ULN in miniature packages.

English, News 08.10.2012
For requirements with ultimately low phase noise AXTAL has introduced two new series of OCXO in the VHF frequency range 80 MHz to 125 MHz.
The series AXIOM35ULN comes in the miniature package CO 15 with a footprint of only 20x20 mm and a height of less than 12 mm.
The series AXIOM75ULN comes in the standard CO 43 package CO 43 with a footprint of 25.4x25.4 mm and a height of less than 13 mm.
Both models offer five different options for the phase noise level, which allows to pick the most cost-effective version for each application.
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