PI-Network Test System

KOLINKER KH1800/KH1820 - PI-Network Crystal Measurement System

  • High Accuracy IEC60444-5 & IEC60444-6 PI-Network Measurement.
  • Supports "Direct Impedance Measurement" and "Physical Load Capacitance" methods for FL measurement.
  • Full Network Analyser Configuration with built-in Frequency synthesizer and Vector-voltmeter.
  • Supports two types of user interface for production mode and engineering mode Production
  • Ultra high speed spurious scan & drive level dependence (DLD) measurement.
  • High speed PASS/FAIL measurement and sorting up to 5 bins (sorting results displayed on screen).
  • All sorting limits of each bin are individually programmable by operator.
  • Flexible data storage (Supports data storage in Excel worksheet format) and printing features.
  • Support multilingual: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.
  • Optional Test Fixture for Tuning Fork Crystal, SMD crystal etc
  • Optional connectivity with third party automatic machines: Hardware I/O control mode or software remote
  • Control mode are available for interfacing the KH1800 with any automatic machines.
  • Frequency Range : KH1800 : 1-120 MHz
                                   KH1820 : 20 kHz – 400 kHz, 500 kHz – 240 MHz
  • Drive Level : 1nW - 1mW into 25 Ohm
  • Time Base error (free-running) : ex-factory calibration < 1 ppm
    aging for 1st year < 2 ppm
    aging for 2nd year and thereafter < 1 ppm
  • External time base interface.
  • Calibration Method : 3 terms (open, short and load) calibration with standard resistor (provided with system).

For more details please see our data sheet or consult fatory.