Qualification Services

Together with our partner company AXTAL CONSULTING we offer you Qualification Services for Frequency Control Products (FCP), i.e. (quartz) crystal units, resonators, crystal oscillators, and crystal filters.

► Capability approval test procedures
► Qualification approval test procedures
► For crystals and resonators according to IEC 60122, IEC 60444 and MIL-PRF-3098
► For oscillators according to IEC 60679 and MIL-PRF-55310
► For crystal filters according to IEC 60368
► For SAW Devices according to IEC61xxx (SAW resonators) and IEC 60xxx (SAW filters)
► Environmental testing according to IEC 60068, AEC-Q200, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-883 and others
► According to ESA and other Space specifications
► Qualification testing to customer specifications (also shared test strategies)


If you are interested in our qualification services, please contact us
► through the CONTACT / Feedback menue, or
► directly by e-mail to AXTAL